Videos: Advanced 12-Lead

The videos below are both from USC Essentials conference of last year. Dr. Amal Mattu gave a great advanced 12-lead presentation. Both of these videos can be found as EMRAP podcasts.

12-Lead findings with syncope
EMRAP episode 65

Things to remember:

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy:

  • Diffuse high voltage
  • Deep narrow Q-waves in lateral leads (1, AVL, v5 & v6)

Brugada Syndrome:
  • Syncope (not chest pain)
  • Incomplete RBBB
  • Sometimes saddle usually convex ST-Elevation in septal leads (v1/v2, sometimes v3)

More Brugada 12-leads:

12-Lead "aVR gets no respect"
EMRAP episode 66

Things to remember:
  • If you have diffuse ischemia, check aVR
  • aVL & v1 coupled with aVR ST-elevation increases possibility of left main ACS

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