Is Louder Better?

EE at Backboards and Band-Aids wrote about how to treat new people. Of course, part of this is that EE has a baby face and people still treat her as if she is 12. Look at the bright side - when you are 60, you will still have perky . . . a perky smile. :-)

I completely agree with EE. We have too many old timers, who will just yell at the new people. That yelling may be the most energetic the old timer will be all day. Yelling. There's an example to set for the FNG*. The old farts seem to need to balance the air coming out the other end, so they yell. This blowing the candle out at both ends appears to be in the job description.

The old farts don't take the time to show the FNGs how to do things the right way, or the old fart way, but they yell about everything that is not done instantly and expertly and faster than the old fart could do it himself, or herself. Women really are capable of flatulence, too.

The old farts don't give the FNGs the chance to do things without pressure.

The old farts don't give the FNGs the opportunity to actually do something, before the old farts start yelling.

The old farts don't give the FNGs the opportunity to figure out how to do something, before the old farts start yelling.

I have worked with many brand spanking new people, but we aren't allowed to spank the FNGs. Or we are not allowed to get caught. Some of the FNGs are much better than I was, when I was brand new. The FNGs often just lack confidence. We need to give the FNGs a chance to get comfortable with the way things are before we complain that the FNGs can't do things. I like baptism by fire, when I am working someplace new. Seeing how things operate, when there is a lot of stress tells me a lot of what I want to know about whether I have any future there. Most people do not seem to like this indoctrination.

We lose too many good people, because our bad people abuse them.

Why do we protect the ones we should get rid of?

Why do we get rid of the ones we should protect?

Louder better.


^ * Flatulent New Guy
You people have such dirty minds!



Adam Thompson, EMT-P said...

Couldn't be more true. I have been lucky enough to encounter the kinder gentler old fart. EMS has a bad habit of eating it's young. Instead of playing the "I know more than you" game, we should be saying "in case you didn't know this, let me show you".

To answer your last questions, unions!

Rogue Medic said...

It only makes sense to help our partners. Our partners are the ones we will be depending on when things are not going smoothly. We quickly forget how it was when we started.

Eric said...

Hey guys, I'm a brand new medic about to start work here in Atlanta, and I'm really enjoying your blog. It's well-done and I'm looking forward to reading all of the posts thus far.

Again, well-done.


Adam Thompson, EMT-P said...


Thanks pal, we look forward to writing more for you to read. If I can give you any advice Eric it would be the following:

-never stop being a student
-freak out all you want, but don't let anyone see you do it
-if all else fails, transport
-the difference between cockiness and confidence is that you can here cockiness.
-The patient doesn't know you're new, act professional.

That's it for now, those few things should never be forgotten. Good luck with your new career. It's a pretty great job. If you remember what it feels like, right now, when you're brand new; you should never have anything to complain about.