More Blog Authors

As this blog is taking shape, I have decided to make it a multi-authored resource। This should improve the amount of information supplied by this blog. It will also keep me honest. Welcome Tom B from The Prehospital 12-Lead blog.

Also welcome Rogue Medic. His blog is very well known, and one of my personal favorites. His evidence-based approach is more than welcome. RM probably won't be submitting new posts anytime soon that often, but he seems pretty excited about the idea.
I am also looking for some more reputable authors. The blog will be updated pretty frequently, so check back soon.

*****Update May 8, 2009*****

Welcome Epijunky, the amazing author of Pink Warm & Dry. Another great addition to paramedicine 101.


Tom B said...

Since you'll be utilizing me and Rogue Medic, you really are in need of some reputable authors! :)


Adam Thompson, EMT-P said...


Let's see what I'm in for.

Shaggy said...

Kind of reminds me of a project like the Travelling Wilburys or the Swirling Eddies.