ECG Simulator

I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to review the ECG Simulator by Pace Symposia.
You will be seeing a few ECGs from this simulator on paramedicine 101 within my ECG tutorial.

Tom B wrote a review on this same simulator not long ago. Click here to read his review on the prehospital 12 lead blog. He has a few very good examples of the kind of stuff this ECG simulator can do.

The Interface:

- Very clean and easy to use
- Full screen mode
- Random ECG mode with ability to hide rhythm information

- Only a single lead
- The logo is always in the background
- Unable to change the color
- No print option

The Rhythms:

- Very easy to switch between rhythms
- A vast list of rhythm selection
- You can add ectopy to select rhythms
- Easy to change the heart rate

- Only one example of each rhythm
- No option to save a scenario with multiple rhythm presentations
- The heart rate limitations are too narrow
- Some rhythms should allow a manipulation of heart rate, but don't.

Other Features:

A ruler pops up when you pause the rhythm. You may hide it, but it is a pretty useful tool.

You can hide the grid for a monitor screen appearance.
Also, the ECG simulator can be controlled from the keyboard.


I am a fan of the software. I believe all of the cons that I mentioned can be easily changed. I will be using this software for my ECG tutorial, which should give you some good examples of the rhythms available.

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