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Tom B pointed out to me that Paramedicine 101 has gotten a shout out on A seat at the table. I am pleased to see that Paramedicine 101 is being read by many and actually used as an educational resource.

I have attached the video that contains the shout out. The discussion is a good one. Can we trust the educational information obtained from the medical blogosphere? The answer, in my opinion, is no. You can't just trust it. Use your own discretion to decide what you can trust. Many of us use references, or links to prove that the information is factual. I also recommend that you fact check anything that seems suspicious. Most of us warn in our disclaimer that you should not act out of your own guidelines based on anything you read on our blogs. Speaking for myself, I just hope to improve upon what you already do. More often than not, the stuff I learn from the blogs that I trust is assessment based.


Chronicles of EMS - A Seat at the Table (Ep 6) from Thaddeus Setla on Vimeo.

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