Grand Rounds - 1

Lets take a look around the web to see what everyone else is talking about in the world of EMS.

Paramedicine 101's own contributers:

The Prehospital 12-Lead blog

Look at the most recent ECG Tom B has posted over at one of my favorite blogs. If you haven't checked out the prehospital 12-lead blog, you are truly missing out. Do yourself a favor and get involved in the discussions. Tom's blog has become a regular read by many and a great educational resource. I have learned so much from going through his old posts.

Rogue Medic

Now if you don't know who Tim Noonan, the Rogue Medic is, I suspect you haven't been reading EMS blogs for a long time. He is a regular guest on a few EMS podcasts, and a big time contributer to Paramedicine 101. Now he will repost a lot of his educational stuff over here directly from his blog, but there is plenty of good reading over at his blog that can't be found here. He is more known for his controversial posts, but I have to admit, he is usually on the right side of the argument--at least as far as I am concerned. He sides with the side of science. He has helped me advocate evidence-based medicine. He is the research king as far as I am concerned. GO, READ, LEARN, DO.

A Day In The Life Of An Ambulance Driver

I'd be kidding myself to think that you have somehow read my blog and never made it over to Ambulance Driver's site. Kelly Grayson has posted her a time or two, and is a very well known blogger. He is a published author, with his own book, and many articles scattered throughout the EMS literary schmorgasboard. He is a gun owner and a dad. His blog contains some prehospital discussion from time to time, but his unique writing style seems to take on many forms. His blog is extremely entertaining, and it is obvious why he has become so popular. Go and have a laugh courtesy of AD, via me.

The Happy Medic

The Happy Medic is one of Paramedicine 101's newest additions. He is the founder of EMS 2.0 and the American side of Chronicles of EMS, which is a great collection of EMS-talk videos which includes a reality series. The reality series is about a british paramedic's experience riding along with San Francisco FD so far. Next, I believe HM goes to Great Britain to show us the other side of things. I hear they have big plans, and many places to go. Keep an eye on these videos.


Paramedicine 101's first international addition Medic999 has become quite popular recently. He is the UK part of Chronicles of EMS, and has been an EMS blogger for some time now. His most recent post is about how a patient can make a liar out of you in front of the nursing staff. I have had this happened to me many times. Ever have a patient point to their lower abdomen when you first ask them where the pain is, than point to their upper abdomen during transport, then point to their chest when the RN in the ER asks them? ERRRR. Go read Medic999's blog, and I will tell you now, it helps to read it with an English accent.


Rogue Medic recently made a new addition to Paramedicine 101. I have been a fan of 9-Echo-1's blog for a while now, and I am pleased to have him join us. His most recent post explains quite well, how us paramedic types may seem a bit cold-hearted as a need for survival. People seem to forget what it takes to be an EMT or paramedic. We come home to our families every day after seeing the worst stuff imaginable. Please go read his post, simply titled Survival.

Pink, Warm, & Dry
I’m a Mom to two amazing kids, an EMT, and occasionally I take some pictures. I love to write, laugh, and score swag at EMS conferences. I have a serious Diet Pepsi addiction. I have trauma shears and I’m not afraid to use them. I’m in medic school thanks to my online angels.

No, I didn't just start doing a patient assessment in the middle of this blog post. Pink, Warm, & Dry is the name of Epijunky's blog. Even though I haven't seen her post anything on here just yet, she is listed as a contributer and I bet something will eventually be posted, some day. It takes a lot to run a blog, and we have lives outside the blogosphere and outside of EMS, believe it or not. So there are a few contributers that have not yet contributed. Maybe they are awaiting inspiration. Anyhow, in her most recent post she gets nostalgic, talking about, what seems to have been a pretty busy shift, as a wide-eyed student.

Life Under The Lights

Life Under The Lights is a blog by Paramedicine 101 contributer Ckemtp. Ckemtp is the very man who gave Paramedicine 101 the shout out on A Seat at the Table so how could I not give him a shout out. He is yet another hibernating contributer, but I think he suffers from the dreaded first post jitters that many of us have gone through. Anyhow, he is no stranger to writing good posts. There is so much on his blog to read through and lose yourself in. He has just given an update on The Handover blog carnival and he even gave a Handover fashion set of Grand Rounds himself (Paramedicine 101 was left out, but he made up for it with the previous shout out).

12-Lead ECG Blog - (Cardiology & Electrocardiography Experts)

This blog was started by Jason Winter. I invited Jason to be a contributer to Paramedicine 101 after seeing his very popular ECG Experts facebook page. He has since started his own blog with the help of Tom B, and it has become quite popular as well. I would recommend browsing through some of the cases over there. They are quite interesting. Above is one of the 12-leads that sparked a pretty great discussion that I happened to get involved in. I believe it is not as it appears at first glance. Go check out what I said...

My Variables Only Have 6 Letters

Christopher was an addition courtesy of Tom B. His blog is quite a good one. He is an engineer, and has decided to do what we do FOR FREE. I am thinking of switching things up on him and doing some software engineering for free. Just have to learn how to do it first. Doing what Christopher does for a living seems to give him a different outlook on EMS. He seems to deduce things quite well. His recent post about improving BLS to ALS patient transfers in cardiac arrest is very good. He provides some research and explains it. I hope to see more posts from Christopher, I enjoyed his research on Glucagon.


Christopher said...

Thank you for your kind words sir, I wouldn't have gotten into EMS blogging had I not been hooked by all of the other folks mentioned.

To be fair though, I do get part time pay for some of my shifts! Covers rent and beer, wooo!

Rogue Medic said...

I second Christopher's comments.

Thank you.

Adam Thompson, EMT-P said...

Chris, Tim, you are very welcome.