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In a recent post I asked Paramedicine101 readers what they want more of. One answer was more on the basics of EMS. This is something that we, the authors, might commonly overlook. I am planning on providing some great posts on some of the basics of prehospital care. I am going to keep the more advanced stuff coming, don't worry.

Topics coming soon:

- Basic: ECG Interpretation, starting with basic cardiology.
- Advanced: 12-Lead Differential Diagnosis: Syncope
- To avoid too much cardio stuff, I will probably review some recent prehospital research.

I am posting much less than I once did simply because I have become much busier. I am currently looking to promote to a field trainer position with my agency and I have been preparing for that. I am also teaching EMT lab this semester and taking some classes myself. In addition, I have been working on a few manuscripts to submit to a couple well known EMS publications. So maybe you will actually see something I wright in print, with a fancy glossy cover. I wouldn't hold my breath though.

Fortunately Rogue Medic has stood up to the plate and filled in the gaps with some really great posts. Go read them! I hope to see some stuff from the other authors one day, when they get the time.

Thanks for stopping by,

Adam Thompson, EMT-P

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Rogue Medic said...


Thank you.

There has been a lot that has motivated me to write recently. These posts have generated some good comments, which have inspired me to write more. Whether that continues is not exactly predictable. :-)

Good luck with the promotion.