Product Review:Magnum Boots

As a marketing technique, many companies contact bloggers frequently to review their products. Every so often, we get free stuff in exchange for a proper review. I am an honest person, and I like to review merchandise with integrity. I also enjoy free stuff as much as the next guy. Recently I received a pair of Magnum Elite Force boots with ion-mask technology.

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Here is the news release:

Uniformed services specialist Magnum has launched the Elite Force 8.0 WPi, the world’s first tactical boot to feature the protective ion-mask™ technology by P2i.

ion-mask™ is a patented plasma based technology originally developed to protect the military from chemical attacks. It combats chemical agents by forming a permanent protective treatment which bonds the entire surface of a material on a molecular level. This newly created surface repels water and all other liquids by forcing them to bead and run-off.

The benefits of ion-mask™ include:

• Chemical resistance
• With key product engineering a higher efficiency as a waterproofing material
• The membrane is 30 grams lighter than its nearest equivalent and remains lighter due to it not retaining water
• It is easy to clean and stain resistant
• The material is 100% breathable as before the treatment
• It is completely blood borne pathogen resistant complying with BS ISO16604
• ion-mask™ technology is solvent-free and uses only tiny amounts of protective monomer, resulting in minimal waste and no adverse impact on the environment.

Paul Brooks, Global Category Director for Magnum comments: “Magnum’s Elite Force 8.0 WPi is an industry first in safety and tactical footwear, offering the user benefits which he or she cannot find from any other boot in the world. This exciting technology was originally designed specifically for the Ministry of Defence and has helped to reinforce our position as leaders in innovation and product development.”

To celebrate the launch of this exciting and revolutionary new range, Magnum is offering people the opportunity to earn a free pair of the Elite Force 8.0 WPi boots by becoming “Official Field Testers”.

All people have to do to earn a free pair is inform Magnum of their occupation, for what purpose they would be using the boots and detail their experience of the Magnum brand. Anyone who is interested can submit their entries at - terms and conditions apply.

Paul explains why the new Elite Force 8.0 WPi will be particularly useful for those in the uniformed services: “The user’s feet are fully protected and waterproof from the surface of the boots upper therefore no liquids or chemicals can be absorbed by the upper of the boots. This becomes increasingly important if a soldier in the line of duty comes into contact with a casualty’s blood, as it is a major carrier of life threatening diseases, and our product is totally blood borne resistant. The Elite Force 8.0 WPi represents a quantum leap in footwear.”

Magnum was recently announced as the proud winner of the 2009 Company Clothing Footwear Award for the Elite Force 8.0 WPi. The boots will be available in sizes 3 to 14 and can be bought at various specialist footwear retailers across the globe. Find out more here:

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For further information on Magnum, including the ion-mask™ collection, visit or contact them on 01702 541 771

*A full list of terms and conditions are listed at

My Opinion

The Pros:

- Snug and comfortable
- Great barrier, truly waterproof
- Rounded heal makes for comfortable driving
- Great ankle support, something I look for specifically
- Excellent soles
- Easy to clean
- Holds a great shine

The Cons:

- No zipper on the pair I own. I like slip on boots for working at night when I have to get them off and on easily. They are a great boot for the day though.
- Heavier than boots I am use to. I usually wear a shorter boot.
- That's it.

I am pretty critical when it comes to the gear we need to use every day. Boots are a very important part of our uniform and I feel that these hold up. I am not too familiar with the ion-mask technology, but it claims to provide a barrier against pathogens. I would recommend these boots for daytime work. They seem pretty durable and they do the job.


Anonymous said...

I had a pair of Magnum boots and didn't find them that great. The zippers were of low quality and frequently jammed, eventually breaking altogether. I now own a pair of Haix boots which have lasted me 2 years and are still going strong.

Ambulance Driver said...

I've worn Magnum boots for fifteen years, and never had a problem with the zippers.

Never had a pair last less than 3 years, either.

However, my review pair of Magnums had a defective left boot that wasn't waterproof, and rubbed my left ankle.

Overall, I was impressed by the boots. The next pair I buy will be my favored Magnum Vipers with the side zipper, but they'll have the Ion Mask waterproofing.

Shaggy said...

Sorry, but I no longer do rescue or fire fighting, so believe it or not, I wear steel toed black sneakers I get at Walmart or on line discount shoe stores. When I did wear boots, I liked them comfy, with a zipper so I would not wake up off the couch half asleep trying to lace up boots when I get a call. My work sneakers may last me a year or two, but they are much more cheaper and much more comfortable to wear.
Thanks for sharing the critique of the boots. You are honest. I feel bad for using publishers to get books for review that are actually for my personal college classes.

Anonymous said...
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Adam Thompson, EMT-P said...

Thanks for the additional comments.

AD, that sucks about the left boot. Glad to see it hasn't discouraged your liking for the company though.

Shaggy, don't feel bad. If you are actually using the products, that is the best way to provide an honest review.

Also, you guys may want to checkout another boot company that I love. Redback is an aussie boot company, and they are excellent. I love the slip on boots. No laces, no zippers, steel toe. Great soles.