Ten Thousand Page Loads

Paramedicine 101 has had over 10,000 page loads and counting. I guess that means some of you are actually reading this stuff. Thank you!

To better understand who we are writing for I would like to open up the comments for this post as a meet and greet. Let us know if you are a student, EMT, paramedic, nurse, or other. Where do you work?

Also, let us know what topics you would like more of.

Thanks for stopping by,

Adam Thompson, EMT-P


Amy said...

I am not a student, EMT, paramedic or nurse. I guess I'm other. Do I really need to tell you who I am? Are you that delirious?
Love you brother!

Amy said...
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Ambulance Driver said...

I read everything y'all post. Just wish I had the time to contribute something worthwhile now and then.

Keep up the good work!

Rogue Medic said...

This seems like a great place to get a variety of perspectives on all parts of patient care.

Having several contributors, with different interests, should produce material that has a broad reach, not just one person's approach to EMS.

Adam Thompson, EMT-P said...

Thanks AD.

RM, that was precisely my idea when I invited you to the team. I don't regret it a bit, and have learned just as much, if not more, as I have taught. Thank you.

PS. Don't hesitate to invite more authors that you think could live up to our standards, haha.

akroeze said...

Hi there folks, I know most you from over at the city.

I'm an Advanced Care Paramedic in Ontario, Canada.

I must say that I have learned a lot from this place and it has helped me more than once in my practice.

Chris said...

To answer your question:

I'm just applying to train as a paramedic in the UK, and am currently a volunteer ambulance attendant. I read most of your posts, but don't always follow them! I don't read them all though - some of them are beyond me!

WVmedicgirl said...

Im a paramedic in Pennsylvania, USA. I really enjoy reading and learning about the topics you post. Thanks! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Congrats ! I think the site has some awesome information.

In response to your question about topics, maybe going back to your roots (and the title of your blog) and doing more Paramedicine 101 (than 201, or 301....).

I'm am 'almost' Paramedic with 'only' 3 more months of school, final exams and my NR testing to do.

Adam Thompson, EMT-P said...

In response to your question about topics, maybe going back to your roots (and the title of your blog) and doing more Paramedicine 101 (than 201, or 301....).

Exactly what I am looking for. I think that you are right and I am going to address this by doing something I have been thinking about for a while. I think I would like to do tutorials on all the stuff I found confusing when I was in school:

Action potentials
Acid-base balance
Cellular depolarization/repolarization

Also some topics I have been procrastinating on:
ECG Basics
12-Leads steb by step
More medical math
Universal approach process (basically a "how to handle any call" guide)
Case Reviews

I thought this stuff might just be boring and overlooked, since you forget so much of it after school. Well, I have written down here now so I guess I have to get to them now..... eventually.

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Anonymous said...

Great ideas ! I look forward to reading those...!

Shaggy said...

Great ideas and I hope you get into them but addressing the pathophysiology of other diseases that we commonly see and those we less commonly see,even getting to a cellular level would be nice for many. Sure these topics will be boring to many, but there are many of EMS providers as well as RNs who would like to learns some things more in depth, if not get a refresher.
As I said before in this blogsite, I think this a great site and I had an idea of a blogsite like this but was too busy and too much of a procrastinator. You seem to be doing real well with it. I just cannot find the time to read EVERYTHING here. There is a lot.

Adam Thompson, EMT-P said...

Shaggy, how about submitting a post on here every now and then. Check your email.

Shaggy said...

I am sorry about the email. I have a personal one and a work one, and the personal one I give out the most and review the least, while the work one I review daily but give out the least. I did give out to Tom only because I emailed him from it. You are not the only one to scold me on this issue. I missed out on teaching many classes because of this irresponsible act.
I promise to post more but I am trying to keep up with reading all the great posts here already!!!! There is just so much here!