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My name is Adam Thompson and I am originally from Fort Lauderdale Florida. I went to fire school straight out of high school and only went to EMT and paramedic school because I had to. Getting a job on a fire dept. in Lauderdale is nearly impossible without your medic ticket. To my surprise I liked the medical aspect as I became an EMT. I even decided to pick the "tough" paramedic instructor at my college.

So as I began my first semester of medic school I began kicking myself for picking the tough guy. My class started with 75 students in a day & a night class combined. We quickly dwindled down to 60 after the first semester, 45 after the second, and 30 after the third. 9 of us graduated from the class. Not everyone failed, some got hired, transferred out, or just quit. I made it though, and my medic instructor managed to instill in me a little of the passion he had for the job.

As it became time to find a department to work for I found my self wanting. I wanted an outside-the-box department with progressive protocols. Ft. Lauderdale just didn't have that, the FDs in Broward County had a few good medics, but they were confined to a witless protocol book(Not witless medics, but a list of protocols that didn't allow much). This wasn't exactly what I had learned to appreciate. I would have taken a job though, but a couple counties West I found a gem; Lee County EMS. Wasn't a fire department so I was a little disheartened, but I decided to apply anyhow. The protocols were just too good, and looked like a pretty big organization. Needless to say, I was hired shortly after.

I am have been with LCEMS for 3 years now and I am a credentialed lead paramedic. I am also on our ALS competition team, and our QI/QA committee. I am a rescue specialist on the local Urban Search & Rescue team, Task Force 6. I am also an EMS educator for Edison State College, and I am currently pursuing the

I guess the purpose of this blog will be to just log some of my day to day stuff. Interesting shifts and/or calls, and maybe even some educational stuff. I hope to leave my mark in the medical field.

*****Update September 13, 2009*****

As you can probably tell, this blog has taken a whole different direction than initially intended. This job is my passion, and so is education. I felt that a multi-authored prehospital education resource would be pretty beneficial. I hope you enjoy.

*****End Update*****

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